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The PREDICT Repository

Welcome to PREDICT, the Protected Repository for the Defense of Infrastructure Against Cyber Threats. PREDICT can quickly and easily provide qualified developers and evaluators with regularly updated network operations data they can use in their cyber security research.

PREDICT is supported by the Department of Homeland Security, Science & Technology Directorate.

Our distributed repository of data hosts and providers located at major universities and other venues helps researchers generate repeatable results and save time and financial resources by not having to invest in data collection and storage capacities.

Learn more about the repository by exploring the tabs above and browse our data catalog to see what kinds of data are available.


PREDICT Dataset Highlight

Internet Atlas

Internet Atlas is a visualization and analysis portal for diverse Internet measurement data. The starting point for Atlas is a geographically anchored representation of the physical Internet including (i) nodes (e.g., hosting facilities and data centers), (ii) conduits/links that connect these nodes, and (iii) relevant meta data (e.g., source provenance). This physical representation is built by using search to identify primary source data such as maps and other repositories of service provider network information. This data is then carefully entered into the database using a combination of manual and automated processes including consistency checks and methods for geocoding both node and link data. Data is added to the repository on an on-going basis. The repository currently contains over 10k PoP locations and over 13K links for over 390 networks around the world. Customized interfaces enable a variety of dynamic (e.g., BGP updates, Twitter feeds and weather updates) and static (e.g., highway, rail and census) data to be imported into Atlas, and to layer it on top of the physical representation. The openly available web portal is based on the widely-used ArcGIS geographic information system, which enables visualization and diverse spatial analyses of the data.

Link: http://atlas.wail.wisc.edu/

Related publications:
R. Durairajan, S. Ghosh, X. Tang, P. Barford and B. Eriksson. "Internet Atlas:\ A Geographic Database of the Internet", In Proceedings of the 5th ACM HotPlan\ et Workshop, August, 2013. (paper)

B. Eriksson, R. Durairajan and P. Barford. "RiskRoute: A Framework for Mitigating Network Outage Threats", In Proceedings of ACM CoNEXT, December, 2013. (paper)


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